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BARBERO Transports is an integral part of a European transport network called ASTRE. The Astre Group is a cooperative model that has brought together various SMEs since 1992. Its objective is to mutualise freight exchanges and create common innovative solutions.

The Astre group connects Europe

logistical astronaut

With more than 400 sites located in the European Union, this grouping enables the pooling of freight and know-how exchanges, thus achieving economies of scale that are advantageous for all supply chain players.

By combining all the transport professions, ASTRE covers all your needs.

Thanks to its dense network, ASTRE and, through it, BARBERO Transports, can provide you with global quality services.

We guarantee reliability and continuity in the quality of our services thanks to this group dynamic, by adding resources and pooling the skills of all.

ASTRE is a flexible structure like an SME and powerful like a large group.

ASTRE, by virtue of its organisation and its specific features, is both a carrier and a generalist logistician: it brings together a fleet and significant logistical resources. It provides access to a global and diversified range of services and can therefore meet any specific request thanks to the expertise of all its members.
ASTRE meets your requirements with a guaranteed quality rate.

Today, Astre is the first European grouping of transport and logistics SMEs.

With its logistics solution :

Whether by sea, rail or even air, Astre is able to deliver securely on an international scale while respecting the constraints of customer flows.

The Astre Group also offers an intelligent and eco-citizen logistics solution.

Astre is the tailor-made service of large companies at the disposal of SMEs.

People and values at your service

Astre is above all a story of men and women united around common values. These values are the strength of the Group and allow customers to benefit from the flexibility of SMEs and the efficiency of a large group.

A ... strien

Each Astrian retains his or her identity and offers the group a diversity of skills and know-how.

S ... olidarity

Solidarity is the starting point for the creation of the Group, and guarantees the quality of the services provided by each of the members in the service of the client.

T ... territory

The Astrians benefit from complementary knowledge of the market, customer solutions and territorial coverage.

R ... responsible

Astrians are constantly looking for innovative and eco-responsible solutions.

E ... Europe

The Astrians are Europeans who are convinced that the most suitable business solutions are found beyond the borders.
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