Suppliers & Customers

Trusted partners and distributors.

Our Partners


FRAPPA, body builder of refrigerated vehicles. It is our historical partner for trailer semis.

Azur Trucks

Historical partner of Barbero transport. Supplier of our entire fleet of vehicles


Xyric is a software provider specialising in transport and logistics


Fleet management software that provides access to real-time information flows related to the vehicle, the driver and his cargo.

Our Clients

U Logistics - System U

Système U is a food distribution group
Carrefour is a French group in the retail sector
Intermarché is a French supermarket chain belonging to the Les Mousquetaires group
Biocoop is a cooperative public limited company4 specialising in the distribution of organic food products
Emmi is a leading group in the Swiss dairy industry


Supplier of dairy products

Producer of speciality desserts. The company is dedicated to the production and distribution of traditional desserts such as Tiramisù, Profiteroles, Panna Cotta, Tartufo, Baba au Rhum and Mousse au Chocolat....


Disfrais, founded in 1970, is a cheese manufacturer, distributor and partner of farm and artisanal producers. It owns several companies in Switzerland and Italy that produce local cheeses, such as etivaz, Gruyère d'Alpages, tête de moine, gorgonzola, pecorino and parmesan...

Famous glacier in the region

Marseilles-based company specialising in sugar
Yoplait is a brand of dairy products.

Famous glacier in the region

Félix Potin has focused its activity on quality grocery and fresh products to become a central player in the distribution of food products in the PACA region.