BARBERO Transports is constantly improving the quality of its services by offering services that are increasingly adapted to the expectations and needs of its customers.

The quality of service and the respect of our commitments are essential in our approach. We are constantly guided by the satisfaction of our customers.
We guarantee our deliveries on time.

The quality of the service provided to our clients is at the heart of our concerns:
We provide them with the most appropriate response, in the shortest possible time, and thus maintain the bond of trust that we have established.
We strive to be always available, responsive and attentive.

We maintain a high level of security in our supply chain, refrigeration, operations, infrastructure and personnel.
This enables us to guarantee reliable transport at all times, respecting the integrity of your goods. This requirement is shared by all our partners.

Respect for the environment

We have a sustainable development policy based on 4 main areas


The Men

Training and awareness-raising of our drivers through eco-driving.


The material

Frequent renewal of our vehicles in order to meet and exceed the latest environmental standards.


The resources

Installation of photovoltaic panels on our buildings.


The programmes

Acquisition of electric and bio-fuel vehicles; use of nitrogen as a new method of cold chain management; environmentally friendly and quiet.

A fleet of clean vehiclesOur fleet of vehicles is renewed on average every three years and is made up of 100% of the latest generation of Euro 6 trucks.

Our fleet is gradually being equipped with trucks running on biofuel and electricity and refrigeration units running on nitrogen. For BARBERO Transports, this solution is a technical response towards cleaner, quieter and more respectful transport for tomorrow (our future) A first with the investment of vehicles running on Oleo 100, a fuel made from 100% rapeseed produced in France. We are the pioneers of this new energy.

Focus on renewable energy

In 2019, 2000 m² of photovoltaic panels were deployed on the BARBERO Transports sites. This renewable energy covers more than a quarter of the site's consumption. In 2020, the same surface was installed on our new platform The deployment of this solution was finalized on all our sites at the beginning of 2021.

Training courses

On the roads of France, all our drivers are trained and made aware of eco-driving by our approved trainers. The aim is to support and advise them so that their driving is as eco-friendly as possible.

An optimised transport plan

Our expertise in this field allows us to optimise our routes every day. The aim is to reduce our polluting emissions as much as possible.